Unblocked was an activity book project made for the art supply company Crayola. My concept was intended and aimed towards tattoo artists that are seeking a solution to creative block, a problem every artist has faced. The kit would supply:  an activity book aimed to restore creativity, a pencil case, five colored pencils, a pencil sharpener, and an eraser. 

The designs pull inspiration from american traditional tattoo subject matter with a more contemporary illustration style. I wanted to capture a visual style that matched an edgier and more unfiltered humorous tone in it’s language. 

The packaging and book’s descriptions contain a language that is daring and ludicrous in nature. It was important to me to have a language that was jumpy, snappy, and on edge to reinforce the book’s intention of sparking raw ideas out of it’s owner. In a lot of my work I want to capture an attitude that is not shy of boldness but still finds way of being comedically grounded. This project allowed me to explore that idea thouroughly with being aimed towards teens and adults.

All illustrations are all drawn by hand.
Instructor:  Bryan Satalino

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