Inspired by science fiction magazines of the 60s-70s that implemented two reversible sides with content running opposite ways towards the center of the magazine. My magazine concept was created to bridge the gap and cater to both skateboarding and the arts/music scenes.

Instructor: Dermot Mac Cormack

I was commissoned at the time from two local brands, Cream by. Eighty and Terror of Planet X to create an ad for a collaborative board release the brands had put out. The ad was featured in Thrasher Magazine and depicts skateboarder Evers Enochs photographed by Dakota Mullins on an old television; tying back to both brand’s fascination with vintage VHS Tapes and technology of the 80s and 90s.

 Cream by. Eighty x Terror of Planet X AD
printed in the September 23 Issue of Thrasher Magazine